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Cimarron County brush management workshop
Cimarron County brush management workshop

Partnership Presents Brush Management and Program Outreach Seminar

The Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office, Cimarron County Conservation District and Boise City field office of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service cosponsored a Brush Management and Program Outreach Seminar on Sept. 28. Iris Imler, Cimarron County programs coordinator, used news articles, correspondence and phone calls to reach ranchers in a five-state region.

In the morning, 57 producers met at the Kenton Easter Pageant Grounds where the land is suffering from encroachment of mesquite, junipers, and cholla. Jodie Stockitt, Dow Chemical Co., and Jack Lyons, Dupont Chemical Co., presented information on a variety of chemical treatments and equipment available to address cholla and prickly pear cacti, broomweed, locoweed, mesquite, saltcedar, and junipers. Producers gained hands-on experience in assessing plants per acre.

The producers traveled to the Hoot Owl Ranch owned by George and Terry Collins who prepared prepared a meal for them, funded by Dow and DuPont Chemicals. Cherrie Brown, NRCS district conservationist, and Michael Roberts, soil conservationist, presented cost-share program information. James Spurgeon, assistant director of the Commissioners of the Land Office's Real Estate division, spoke about Cimarron County land leases and opportunities. A short-grass identification contest followed, led by Ernest Romero, NRCS district conservationist from Clayton, N.M.