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The Dust Bowl and the

Conservation Partnership

Governor Brad Henry's Public Service Announcement

Governor Brad Henry

Click here for an audio file of Governor Brad Henry's public service announcement acknowledging the continuing work of Oklahoma's Conservation Partnership (dust_bowl_psa.mp3, 30 seconds, 470 Kb)

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Text version of the announcement:

Hi. I’m Governor Brad Henry. More than 70 years ago, our state faced one of the greatest ecological disasters of our time -- the Dust Bowl. Working together, farmers and ranchers and local conservation districts and the state and federal government turned back the tide of dust and brought productivity back to the land. Please join me in recognizing the great work of this ongoing partnership to protect and conserve our natural resources.

Dust Bowl storm on Coble Ranch in Cimarron County, Oklahoma,

Lest we forget ...

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission asks everyone to remember the
work done by our farmers, ranchers and other landowners to protect our
natural resources.

Never forget how far we have come. Support locally-led, voluntary natural
resource conservation.

Photograph by Arthur Rothstein. Courtesy of the Western History Collection, University of
Oklahoma Library from the Farm Security Administration Collection