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Water Quality Division

Water QualityThe Oklahoma Conservation Commission is the state's nonpoint source technical lead agency in carrying out Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Programs of the federal Clean Water Act Amendments of 1987. The Water Quality division is responsible for the prioritization and management of nonpoint source pollution of the state's waters. The Water Quality Division has developed a strategy to monitor small feeder streams on a rotational basis to determine the impacts of non-point source pollution on the water resources of the state. This rotational monitoring program, which rotates into two new basins every two years, supports the state's ambient monitoring program. The division coordinates the development of the state's water quality assessment and management program required under Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act. The division also manages a performance-based cost-share program in priority watersheds where federal and state funds are made available to landowners to install conservation practices to reduce the state's nonpoint source pollution. The division director chairs the Nonpoint Source Working Group, which is made up of federal, state and local agencies, environmental and producer groups, and Indian tribes. The Nonpoint Source Working Group identifies priorities where funds and technical assistance will be directed. The Water Quality Division also includes the Conservation Commission's Wetlands Program, which coordinates implementation of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Wetlands Conservation Plan. The plan promotes private and public cooperation in managing wetlands through a voluntary system using education, technical assistance, and incentives.