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George Stunkard, Dennis Boney and Mike Thralls
OCC Chairman George Stunkard (left) and Executive Director Mike Thralls (right) presented Dennis Boney with a citation commemorating Boney's 20 years of service to the Conservation Commission and the State of Oklahoma.

Service Award: Dennis Boney, 20 Years

July 3, 2006

At the July 3 meeting of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Dennis Boney was recognized for 20 years of service to the State of Oklahoma. Before joining OCC, Dennis worked for the Garvin Conservation District in Pauls Valley.

Boney is a watershed technician in the OCC Conservation Programs division. Boney and his fellow OCC watershed technicians Johnny Pelley and George Moore are the only state agency watershed technicians in the United States whose full time job is solely devoted to providing technical assistance to conservation districts in the operation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of flood water retarding structures constructed by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service under PL-534 or PL-566. The position requires unique skills and abilities including detailed knowledge of watershed structure designs, the ability to read "as-built" designs, creative thinking to develop effective recommendations for repair or modification, use of specialized tools and techniques for implementing repairs, and being on call 24/7 in the event an emergency arises. Each of the three OCC watershed technicians has approximately 700 structures under there purview. Dennis' area of responsibility is essentially the southeast quarter of Oklahoma.

Dennis has been involved in the pilot program with Seminole County Conservation District in which the first watershed aide position was created to fund a district employee for full time work on watershed operation and maintenance. Boney represents OCC in co-supervising the position along with the Seminole County CD.